What goes around, comes back around

Save Me With Your Touch Chapter 6: VI: Deceive and Forgive »

Hiccup was a talented young man, thought to have a bright future ahead of him. But one unfortunate day, he had an accident, suffered in a coma, and woke up to find that he could see ghosts! Terrified, he prayed the Gods to send him something to repel the spirits. His wish was granted, problem was, he had to touch this “something”: A man, who goes by the name of Jack Frost. 

Modern AU. Medium AU

Reweaving Threads of Fate Chapter 4 »

Learning that Astrid’s hate was fueled by something he had done in his past life, Hiccup found the determination to change it by going back in time to fix what he had done wrong.

But what would happen when instead of fixing fate with Astrid, he met and fall for someone he never knew in his 21st century life?Someone who goes by the name of Jackson Osborne. Past life & Time Travel AU


Lawlight is a ship that really fucks with you because you THINK IT’S REAL but if it was it would just be L’s unrequited love.